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Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 Offline Installer For Windows(32bit and 64bit)

The version of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 is supported on Windows XP (sp3 or above), Vista (sp1 or above), Seven, Eight with both 32bit and 64 bit. Windows 8 comes with inbuilt Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 but by default it is in disable condition. You need to activate it otherwise just install it. In windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows you need to install it manually. Many of the Windows application needs Dot net Framework 4.0 as their minimum requirement for installation.

What is .net Framework

.NET framework is created by MICROSOFT for the developers. . NET framework is a programming environment for the developers to create applications. . NET framework helps the developers to call their function without writing it explicitly. In general people (except the developers/programmers) the .net framework has no use.

What is the use of .net framework for General People

The .net framework is not used directly by the general people. The developers use it directly. But some applications on Windows needs .net framework to run. In that case we need to install it to run that program. By default Windows installs a version of .Net framework on the system. Later we need to install a higher version for fulfil our upcoming requirement.

What is the benefit of offline Installer of .net framework

Microsoft .Net framework comes with both web installer and offline installer (Standalone Installer). On the web installer we need to download the entire package from the Internet at the time of installation. We need to download the entire application each time. In the middle of installation if the Internet is disconnected then we need to download it again.
But in the Offline Installer (Standalone Installer) we need to download the installation file once from the Internet. After that we can install it on any system without the Internet connection. At the time of installation of offline installer we didn't need any Internet connection active on the system.
The Microsoft .Net framework 4 (Offline Installer) installs the .Net framework run time and associated files that are required to run and develop an application which needs .net framework 4 as their requirement.

If you want to know how to download the file click here

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    1. Ok fine. Stay tuned with CracksTrick You can also get our updates via CracksTrick Facebook

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    1. Ok fine. Stay tuned with CracksTrick You can also get our updates via CracksTrick Facebook

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